Class: Polygon

Phaser. Polygon

The polygon represents a list of orderded points in space

new Polygon(points)

Creates a new Polygon. You have to provide a list of points. This can be an array of Points that form the polygon, a flat array of numbers that will be interpreted as [x,y, x,y, ...], or the arguments passed can be all the points of the polygon e.g. new PIXI.Polygon(new PIXI.Point(), new PIXI.Point(), ...), or the arguments passed can be flat x,y values e.g. new PIXI.Polygon(x,y, x,y, x,y, ...) where x and y are numbers.

Name Type Description
points Array.<Phaser.Point> | Array.<number>

The array of Points.




Name Type Description
type number

The base object type.

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